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Thank you to everyone that came out to tryouts!! Here are the teams for fall 2015!
First Team- Hannah Vaughn, Remi Cook, Grace Blair, Jessica Vance, Juliette DiGiuseppe, Riley Cook, Amanda Leonard, Kelsea Kalich, Kelli Muhl, Marcella Arellano, Sydney Ziober, and Kaili Birkner

Second Team- Tanis Scott, Madison Osborne, Ashley Cooper, Maggie Kramer, Shelby Pruitt, Kim Heijlighen, Ky Foster, Molly Little, Sarah Baerenwald, Claire Frazier, Erin Wallace, Brooke Becker, Megean Gibson, and Karina Wilson


Congratulations to both teams on a great season!

         First team finished 2nd in the Nation for Division 1 teams and Second team finished 5th in the Nation for Division 3 teams at                                 the NCVF National Tournament this year!                                                                                 


The Women's Volleyball Club provides a competitive atmosphere of volleyball by challenging other collegiate volleyball clubs from across the nation. The club carries a 1st and 2nd team that travel mainly throughout Texas, competing during the fall and spring semesters. The club competes in weekend tournaments, and normally travels out-of-state one or two times a year.


Dues: Required of each member to support the costs of travel and tournament expenses. Players must pay $200 per semester to cover uniforms, coaches' fees, tournament fees, and warm-ups. 

Practices: Teams will practice twice a week from 5:30-7:30 on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the PEAP building.

Thank you for your interest in Texas A&M Women’s Club Volleyball.

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